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The following is a description of how to import a package. A package can be imported from a zip file, created by Configuration Management in an previous export, or from a zip file from Capapacks on





Right click on the Packages folder and click Import.



Locate a zip file containing an exported package.
If the zip file contains metadata used by the Package Creator, checking "Override CIPC data", will override these metadata if any already exists in the CMS database.
If the zip file contains any schedule data, checking "Import schedule" will create this schedule for the package when it is imported. If a schedule is not imported, the package will get a default schedule.
A comment can be added in the change description box.
Click Next.



On this page you can see selected properties on the package being imported from the selected zip file.
Some of these properties can be edited before commencing with the import, and others cannot. Name and version can only be changed in packages known as

CapaPacks, that are specifically designed to enable renaming of these properties which involves editing script files. Capapacks can be downloaded from
Displayname, priority and which CMS folder it should be placed in can be edited for all packages.
Construction of Name and Display name accepts package variables like $version$, $vendor$ and $name$, which inserts the corresponding values from the package being imported if they are available. The original values from the zip file are used for this purpose.
The CMS folder structure to place the package is separated with backslashes. E.g. FolderOne\FolderTwo\.



Choose whether you are done or would like to import another package.




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