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Asset Management is dependent on a successful CapaInstaller installation and configuration. When the system is installed the Inventory modules have to be scheduled to the clients and the Replication collection strategy defined.
The CapaInstaller Inventory modules are scheduled from the Configuration Management plugin. Inventory jobs like Hardware Inventory, Software Inventory, etc. are available. Each of the jobs can be scheduled to run each day/week etc.
For Inventory jobs, it is possible to specify how information should be collected. The options are either to collect information in real-time or in batch. Using the System plugin inventory collection could be defined to be done in batch. From Configuration Management real-time collect could be enforced on each of the inventory jobs.

With a configures system Asset Management can be configured.

  • Register all available licenses in the organization.

  • Define metering rules according to applications identified using software inventory.

  • Define criteria for license harvesting.

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