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The following is a description of how to use Asset Management.



Create an application group

Create application groups and add licenses.

Add application group licenseAdd or change the licenses for an application group

Create a new device type

Learn how to create new devise types.

Create a new computer

Learn how computers can be created.

Create an application group query

Learn how to create queries.

Delete a unit

Remove a unit from the database by deleting it.

Use export

Learn to export from AM.

Use import

Learn to import into AM.

Use unmanaged software queries

Learn how to add unlicensed software.

Rename an application group

Correct the name of an application group.

Use attachments

Add different types of attachments to your units.

Edit attachmentOpen the attachment and edit the content
Process Application Group  Process the application groups data

Work with application groups

Manage your application groups.

Work with assets

An overview of the ways of working with assets.

Work with software links

See the way links can benefit your use of CMS.

Work with unit relations

Relate your units to verify impact and relationship.

Work with software

Manage the use of software in CMS.

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