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The CapaInstaller Software Development Kit (SDK) has been developed to simplify integration between the CapaInstaller and third-party solutions. With the CapaInstaller SDK it is possible to integrate built-in functions with e.g. a Service Desk. It is also possible to integrate routine tasks, such as adding Packages to Units or reinstall of Units, with a batch file, a Visual Basic Script, Visual Basic .NET or any other application that is capable of executing a command.


Using the SDK requires A Client Access License (CAL) for the SQL Server.

The CapaInstaller SDK has the same .Net requirements as the Management Console: Software Requirements

Network access from the client executing the SDK scripts to the Database is required.

The CapaInstaller SDK installation is a MSI file located in the Point folder ( <ServerName>\<Share>\Resources\SDK). This MSI file has to be installed in order to use the CapaInstaller SDK.

 SDK Functions