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The following is a description of the Software Management in Asset Management. CapaInstaller Software Management makes it easy for IT administrators to keep track of how many licenses are installed and where they are used. Software inventory details include a full list of all versions of each software application installed on the network. Managers can also see exactly which versions are installed on any machine or a full list of all machines using a specific package.
Our definition of software is the actual software installed on the pc, the word application group covers the software including properties. Software Management supports both Windows PCs and Mobile devices.
The software management tree view is divided into:
Discovered applications
Discovered files

Software Properties




Comment for the Software.

License type

The license type of Software.

Number of licenses

The number of licenses for the Software.

Purchase date

The date the Software was purchased.


Supplier the Software was bought from.

Software agreement expiration Date

The date the Software agreement expires.



If you want to...

You can...

Work with software

Work with software to see how.

Work with metering

Work with metering to see how.

Create reports

Create a report to see how.

Understand detail view

Detail view to read about the view.

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