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Disable command prompt

Specify if you want to allow the user to open a command prompt during the OSD GUI session.

Do not allow installation of unknown models

If OSD cannot detect a known model for the machine, the process will inform the user and abort

Disable Bitlocker Warning

Do not display a warning when deploying Windows 7/2008 to partitions that will not support Bitlocker setup

Diable Bitlocker Partition

Do not create System partition when deploying Windows 7/2008, this will disable use of Bitlocker for the operating system.

Disable RFC file creation

Prevent OSD from sending a Reqeust For Clear file to CMS

GUI Timeout

Specify a number of seconds for OSD to wait for user input, if the timer runs out OSD will start the deployment automatically

Skip GUI

Do not display the normal OSD UI, OSD will fail unless valid selections are made using the corresponding registry values.

Keep CapaLib logfiles

Any CapaLib logfiles will be copied to the c:\osdlog folder before reboot

Wait for RFC file to be cleared

Force OSD to wait for the replicator to collect the .rfc file created.

Naming method

Select the method that you want OSD to use for generating the name of the machine/client. The following values are available:

  • Manual: The user has to enter the name.
  • BIOS: The SMBIOS ID will be used to create a valid name.
  • MAC: The Mac address will be used to generate a name.

Minimum length

Specify the minimum length of a name.


Specify a value that you want to be prefixed to the name generated by OSD.


Specify if you want to allow a user to change the name before starting the installation. The following values are available:

  • True: The user is unable to change the name.
  • False: The user can change the name.

Maximum Length

Specify the maximum length of the name, please note that names longer than 15 characters can have unexpected results in different software products

Name Casing

Choose between upper, lower and mixed casing for names

Regex validation pattern

Specify a regular expression (vbscript regex rules apply) to be used for validation of names entered

Regex validation failed message

The message to be displayed when names to not comply with the RegExValidationPattern

Reuse Name

OSD will attempt to find the old name and reuse it if possible

Overrule name on reinstall

Allow users to change the name specified for a reinstallation.

Admin mode password

Specify the password that the user is required to enter to be able to shift to admin mode by pressing CTRL+A. If no value is defined, no password will be required to enter admin mode.

Installation type description

Specify the name of the installation type.